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At Imago, with Robin Edwards, we offer a much bigger picture that you cannot put a price tag on. This is where we are portrait photographers not marketers.

This is why you will never be bombarded with emails , newsletters and hundreds of discount promotions. We will not devalue the importance of our photography and what we do. We are still here today and have been chosen by thousands of people because we have been offering something so special and meaningful for 22 years.

First of all, we would like to be that eye and expertise that you would love to have behind the lens, photographing the celebration of a special occasion, season, person or just being who you are.

With your photos, we want to lift your heart when you see them.We want to see that you cannot wait to share them with the World, even if it is a private one. We want you to feel lucky with what you have got and with who you are. Especially with "who you are".

At the end, we want to see that you are so glad that you chose us in the creating the memories you will always remember.

Your satisfaction is our pride!

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 We cannot stop counting the seconds until the day we can open our studio again on 12th April 2021. 

Please call well in advance to book your session.

The expiry date of your gift certificates are extended until November 2021.

For our commercial and fine art photography and framing services please enquire at info@imagoportraits.co.uk


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