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We want to go beyond just taking pretty pictures and capture the personality of your loyal fur-friends

and what makes them special to you … whatever that may be

We understand that your senior fur-friends are more than "just a pet". They are part of the family....or they are your family.

You love and care for them just as you would a son or a daughter. Even though the trips to the vet are more frequent, the walks are slower, and you might have to help them up the stairs or onto a chair, you love them more than ever.


You could not imagine coming home from work, and even though he or she might not be a lively as they used to be, you still get that warm puppy welcome that makes everything worthwhile . 

Let's go beyond the obvious

when you come to celebrate that unconditional love 

with a photographic experience and wall art. 😊


What others are saying...

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£150 gift credit  is not redeemable for cash. 

It cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

When and Where?

The photography sessions will take place at our photography studio located at Imago Portraits,

Unit 2, 181 Victoria Road, Barnet EN4 9PA  

We are open by appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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