Value of a photograph in our lives

In the past photographs were rare and valuable, which is why we attached so many memories to them. Today, we have thousands in our phones and have access to billions more on the web. Their rarity has gone and is the reason we find it so hard to decide to print any of them. However, without prints we cannot attach new memories to them.  Which is why our old photographs have so much more memories attached to them than any digital image.

For a photograph to have real value it must be special and contain something unique.  Expression is probably the most powerful connection to the people we care about most.  With instantly captured digital images we have learned to fake it. Therefore we have lost the connection to what we love and care about people. 

Real expression is subconscious and only happens when you are not thinking about having your picture taken. Our secret to great portraits relies more on "what we don’t do" than "what we actually do".


Great portrait photographs bring back memories in the strongest, most authentic way.  This can only be achieved by capturing genuine expressions.

Why Pick Imago Portraits?

What we do at Imago Portraits is genuinely different from posed portrait photography.

Ask yourself, have you ever liked a photo of yourself when asked to smile? The ones you really like are those that were taken when you reacted to a person or didn’t know the picture was being taken.  This is also true of pictures of your loved ones.

At imago, Robin has learned to create an environment where real expression happens so that he can capture it, but which expression should he capture?

Thats where DISCOVERY comes in. Robin will have a conversation with the principle people in the photograph so that he can listen to how you connect to the people you love. Really listening is the single most important part of the process. Only when he learns those valuable of great portrait photography. Only when he learns those valuable secrets can he capture  the real essence of the relationships that matter.

Why are real memories so important?

Because without your memories you literally are not “you”, so creating the best possible memories is probably one of the most important things we can do. And if achieved will be your most prized possession. That is why I have the passion for portrait photography that I do, because it really does make a difference to peoples lives.


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