Shaw siblings, two bothers and a sister hAVE photographed over 16 years been

"We have have been doing this  for a long time!" 


What is the most important thing for a parent? 

May be it is a question with an obvious answer:  Their children.  Like most of us do, we would like to record them by photographing 

All these recordings serve one main purpose. To evoke memories from the precious times of our lives and look back to remember them.


If the child or a newborn posed in a position seen in many other child/newborn photos or child asked to stop being herself/himself during any photographing momet,  the end result would be less than perfect and not that unique.  This is why child portrait photography  with natural expression is so important.

Your child does not stop to pose when interacting with you and others. So, why should they stop and pose for a photo? What does "posing " tell a child and what difference does it make to our memories of them?

If  your children are asked "to smile" for a photo, they copy others around them, rather than have a genuine expression of happiness. Any little detail,  unique to your child, would be lost in the posing. It would be like having a valuable mural painting and covering it with plaster.

We at Imago,  understand the historical and emotional importance of the true portrait photography and carry the responsibility for capturing it. 

We do not pose children or any guests who come for a sitting. We create an environment where a real expression happens and capture it. 

You make the photos we take!