Our framing room and Ayfer at work


We will quote and advice you from choosing the right frame, glass, mount board to hanging options. 

For quote and queries call 01707649336

At Imago we provide over 100 wood & metal moldings , UV block and non-reflective glasses, White Core, Conservation and Museum quality acid free mounts to match all your picture framing requirements  as well as over 20 years of knowledge in photography, framing, copying and printing.


We are very proud to provide honest advice, reasonable  prices, quality service and short completion times. 


Our Classic, Modern or Contemporary frames and various framing techniques will make your photos, water colours & oil paintings, posters, limited prints, memorabilia, sport shirts, tapestry and papyrus great displays lasting for generations.

We can image proof of the framed photos for your room before actually deciding which frame or what size frame.


Classic Framing

Tray Framing

Canvas Framing

Memorabilia Framing

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